Visit Santa Catalina Panama | Beaches
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Santa Catalina has two black sand beaches, Playa Santa Catalina and Playa Estero.

Playa Santa Catalina is the centrally located village beach at the end of Main Street. This is the hub of activity for the fishing village of Santa Catalina. Most of the daily scuba diving trips and fishing boats leave from Playa Santa Catalina. When the waves are big, this beach is used by the local kids for surfing and body boarding.

Playa Estero is east of town across a little river at the end of the now paved road which starts at the only intersection in town by the phone booth and the mini super market. Playa Estero offers a nice steady set of waves for body surfing or beginners to learn to surf. Surf boards can be rented there or on the way to it at several places. The river is usually very shallow, but you should leave your car on the town side of it.

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