Visit Santa Catalina Demo | Snorkeling / Kayaking / Wildlife Tours
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Snorkeling / Kayaking / Wildlife Tours

Snorkeling / Kayaking / Wildlife Tours

In addition to surfing, scuba diving and fishing, Santa Catalina offers a world of other nature activities. There are numerous trails that lead to remote beaches and through the jungle that offer wildlife viewing and nature walks. Most trails are unmarked and used by locals so asking the assistance of a local guide is definitely a good idea. Your hotel can also arrange for a guided horse riding tour to remoter beaches and along rivers.
Eco-tours of the area including day and overnight trips to Coiba Island are offered by a number of local businesses.

For birdwatchers, a large variety of birds inhabit the hills around Santa Catalina with flocks of parrots a regular sight. Coiba Island is the only remaining nesting site of the Scarlet Macaw in Panama. It also offers several species of birds found only on the island.

Kayak’s can be rented locally for a paddle to the nearby Santa Catalina Island or other short excursions. Multiple day trips in Coiba can be organized too.

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