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Now listed as one of Panama´s Top traveler destinations tourism is slowly changing this sleepy fishing village. Newly paved roads offer safe and fast access from the Interamerican Highway. An increasing number of comfortable, air conditioned accommodations with private hot water bathrooms, as well as backpacker hostels and surf camps have cropped up. Along with a number of restaurants with national and international cuisine that will appeal to almost everyone and invite you to stay and relax a few days. Still, everything is small and very authentic and has the personal fingerprint of the owner. There are no hotels with more than 20 rooms, nor buildings higher than 3 floors or international franchise businesses. Local fishing families are living together with foreign business owners in the village and everyone shares the same sentiment that Catalina should remain a low impact tourist destination which provides sustainable growth for the collective benefit without eliminating the authenticy of Santa Catalina.








whale watching


The attraction of Santa Catalina, Panama is its natural beauty and vast natural resources. With the Pacific Ocean roaring up on its beautiful black sand beaches, Santa Catalina is the launching point for fantastic nautical adventures.

Surfing has been the main draw for visitors to Santa Catalina since the 1990´s. But its proximity to Coiba National Park with its abundance of marine life, has made scuba diving, wild-life and eco-tours to Coiba and sport fishing the main reason to visit Santa Catalina.

Dozens of little islands and islets a short boat ride from Santa Catalina offer unexplored sand beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing possibilities.

With its warm waters and uncrowded beaches, Santa Catalina, Panama, offers travelers ta grwat option for a quiet getaway or an activity filled vacation. Whether your ideal day is lounging undisturbed on an isolated beach, or a day of scuba diving, surfing, fishing, kayaking, playing soccer on the beach, or just watch the local kids riding the waves of the town beach, Santa Catalina has it all.