Visit Santa Catalina Panama | Surfing
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Surfing in Santa Catalina Panama is world class.
Santa Catalina’s point break, “La Punta” offers the most consistent advanced surf break in Central America. “The Point” offers powerful hollows that break both left and right. National and international surf competitions are regularly held in Santa Catalina.

There are two beginner breaks, one at Estero Beach and one at the town beach which is only surf able on big big days. In addition there are two other point breaks within walking distance, “Punta Brava” which works at low tide and “Punta Roca” a left break which only works on big days but normally provides a tubular experience. The surf is best and biggest from May to October.

A number of surf camps and hotels are located right in front of “The Point” and offer easy access for for their surfing guests.

Santa Catalina of course also caters to novice surfers and people who want to learn to surf. Most surf camps, the surf shops and hotels can put you in contact with a surf instructor. Easier waves and beach breaks can be found at Playa Estero, on the other end of the village.

Tours with a local surf guide to the virgin and uncrowded breaks of Punta Brava, San Pedrillo and the islands of Cabaco and Coiba can be arranged through your hotel, surf shop or one of the local boat-tour operators.


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